SUPER8 AIR PURIFIER - Today's essential choice for refreshing quality clean air
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Super Drive

  Features :
  • Advanced ionic technology
  • Silent operation
  • Neutralize unpleasant odor, freshens the air
  • Compact and light weight
  • Area applicable : Car
Power Consumption
Rated Voltage DC 12V

Area Coverage (Ft2)

Negative Ions Output (/cm3)
Activated Oxygen (ppm)
Stainless Steel Needle(s)
尺寸Dimension (mm) 140x74x38
重量Weight 180g
售价Unit Price RM88

 Special Features

  • Adopting high voltage electron release principle, negative ions and active oxygen produces dan kill bacteria, inhibit the grow of various microbes, remove cigarettes smoke, unpleasant smell and other odors to keep the air fresh and clean.
  • Fresh air circulating continuously when you drive keeps you alert and comfortable to prevent fatigue during your trip.
  • The compact and mini design allow the device to eb installed without blocking your view.
  • Do not subject the device to direct sunlight or near excessive heat source.

How to operate

  • Use the adhesive strip tosecure the device firmly and make sure the air outlet is facing the inside of vehicle.
  • Insert the DC plug into cigarettes lighter socket and slide switch on the side of the device to 'ON' position. The green LED lights up when the device is operating. Slide switch to 'OFF' position to stop operation, and the indicator light goes off.
  • When the effectiveness of the device is reduced or after 2 months of use, please clean the devices as follows :

        a.      Unplug from the socket and remove the upper cover carefully. Be careful not to break the four positioning lock

                 inside the cover.

        b.      Use a cotton bud soaked with alcohol to wipe clean the electrode needles and the dust collector plate with holes.

                 Be careful not to damage the internal electronic parts.

        c.      Wipe dry any leftover moisture and close the cover. Start the device again when it is thoroughly dry.


  • This device may be use in DC12V vehicles only. Do not use in DC24V vehicles.
  • Unplug from the socket when engine of the vehicle is running at low speed for a long period. This will prevent the damage of the device from sudden voltage surge of the battery during low load condition.
  • The effectiveness of this device will be reduced when the vehicle windows are opened. It is advisable to turn off this device to prolong service life.
  • Keep this device away from rain. Do not expose this device to rain or allow moisture and other liquid to enter this device.
  • Use mild detergent only to clean the exterior of this device. Do not use alcohol, benzene and other strong solvent to prevent damage to the cover.

Applicable area

  • Different types of vehicles

After Sales Service

  • In case of malfunction, contact "SUPER8" maintenance center for inspection and repair. Tel : 603-7982 0293