SUPER8 AIR PURIFIER - Today's essential choice for refreshing quality clean air
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Super Plasma


Features :

  • UV disinfection and inhibits bacterial growth
  • Long electrostatic dust collector
  • 90° rotation extends purification coverage
  • Area applicable : Meeting Room, Living Room, Bedroom, Office, Hotel, Hospital etc
    使用场所:会议室, 客厅, 卧室, 办公室, 酒店, 医院等


Power Consumption
耗电 (W)

Rated voltage AC220-240V/50Hz
Area Coverage (Ft2)
750- 950
Negative Ions Output (/cm3)

Activated Oxygen (ppm)

Stainless Steel Needle(s)
钢针 (支)
UV Light
尺寸Dimensions 200x267x760mm
Weight 重量 4350g
售价Unit Price RM1988


Function Evaluation

With advance technology, Super Plasma transforms your indoor air as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Super Plasma Germicidal UV energy can be effective in killing biological contaminants such as mold/fungi, bacteria and viruses. Super Plasma germicidal lamp is safely placed inside air handling ducts, which with sufficient dosage, can create a chemical reaction that alters the structure of microorganisms and "kills" them by destroying their ability to reproduce and colonize.

        SUPER PLASMA的“光触媒”功能可有效歼灭生物污染源如:霉菌,细菌及病菌。而其专有的“光触媒”灯则被妥善地位置于不锈钢导致管内,其紫外线放射能有效的与微生物产生化学作用,从而进行阻止及会咩程序,以喝止它们繁殖和蔓延。

Two blades of zigzag pointers generate countless negative ions. Studies have shown numerous proofs of how negative ion improves and elevated human health. Negative ions also help freshen and purify the air caused by allergens such as pollen, mold spores, dust and animal dander floating in the air which have either a neutral or a positive charge to be attracted to and stick to each other, forming ‘clumps’ because opposite charges attract. These clumps of particles then become heavy enough so that gravity can pull them down to the floor, where they can be vacuumed up, rather than staying in suspension where they can be breathed in and cause allergic reactions.


The array of three Stainless Steel Dust Collection Blades have significantly enhanced Super Plasma air cleaning systems. It is more effective and economical than the other air purifiers. Their stronger electrostatic field means airborne pollutants are captured more aggressively than others between the three oppositely charged collection blades.

        这三片不锈钢的刀面设计,提升了SUPER PLASMA在空气净化功能所占的重要性。因为,它比其他空气净化器具有更高效能,以及经济实惠。此三片不锈钢刀面所能发挥的静电集尘功能,亦比其他同样产品发挥更高效能。


Plug into the nearest power socket. Press the ON/OFF button to initiate operation and the LED turns solid blue. Press the ON/OFF button again to turn off the air purifier.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Turn off and unplug the air purifier from the electrical power source before cleaning.

Clean the dust collector and the metal pointers every one or two weeks or whenever there is unusual sound during operation.

Otherwise, the efficiency of the unit will be effected due to excessive dust on the collector. In general, a thorough cleaning will resume the unit to normal operation.

Cleaning the Dust Collector

Remove the Dust Collector by pressing the buttion at the top. Use mild detergent to wipe off the dust from each of the collection bars, then rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly. Wait until the dust collector is completely dry and then put it back into the unit. The dust collector is not entirely inserted into the unit until a "click" sound is heard.

Cleaning the Metal Pointers

After a certain period of time, the zigzag-shape metal pointers that release negative ion will accumulate dust and dirt that will lower the efficiency of the appliance. Please clean the metal pointers whenever the dust collector is cleaned.

Two cleaning plates with springs are provided at the top part of the dust collector. To clean the metal pointers using the cleaning plates, hold the top button of the dust collector and then repeat the process of pulling the dust collector out and pusing it back. The cleaning plates will scrape off the dust on the metal pointers as you move the dust collector up and down.

Cleaning the Appliance

The interior of the appliance also accumulate dust. Before putting the dust collector back after cleaning, invert the entire unit for a few times to get rid of the accumulated dust.

The exterior of the unit can be cleaned using mild, non-abrasive cleanser and a soft cloth.

Do not allow any liquid to enter the unit. Wait until the unit is completely dry before use.

Replacing the UV Lamp

UV Lamps are effective for about 8,000 hours (about 12 months). Replace earlier if there is no "blue glow" inside the housing.

Remove the cover by lifting up the cover and sliding upwards. Softly turn the UV Lamp and slide it from its fixture. Replace with a new lamp of the same model.



Trouble Shooting

In case of malfunction, please contact 603-7982 0293 or send to services and maintenance center for services.