SUPER8 AIR PURIFIER - Today's essential choice for refreshing quality clean air
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Will Super8 Air Purifier improve sleeping quality?

Yes, recommended for those who suffer from long term insomnia, staying up late nights and excessive drinking. The negative ions dispensed from Super8 Air Purifiers stimulate blood circulation and promotes better sleep.



Is Super8 Air Purifier effective to nose sensitivity?

Nose sensitivity refers to oversensitive rhinitis and is due to viruses, bacteria or airborne pollutants. It is important that exposure to these irritants is limited. Cleaner air and negative ions will improve the respiratory system.

Super8 空气净化器对鼻敏感问题有效吗?


Why do some people feel dryness in the mouth after using Super8 Air Purifiers?

This reaction is normal for some initial stage users as we have been used to living in conditions lacking of fresh oxygen. When using Super8 Air Purifiers, the large volume of negative ions emitted helps to stimulate blood circulation, therefore, our body needs to replenish a lot of water to help discharge the toxins.



Why do some people feel skin sensitive after using Super8 Air Purifiers?

Some people who have skin problems may feel the reaction. This is due to the disinfecting effect of negative ionization. Therefore, certain people will feel discomfort during the initial stage.



Can an asthma patient use Super8 Air Purifier? Will it worsen the sickness?

No problem, the cleaner air environment will reduce the recurrence of the sickness and asthma symptoms can be greatly minimized. (Note: Always seek the advice of your doctor regarding a medical condition.)



How to ensure and maintain optimum performance of Super8 Air Purifiers?

Proper care and cleaning of the air purifier is important. Turn the unit off, pull out the stainless steel dust collector carefully and clean off the dirt once every two months.



What is the difference between Super8 Air Purifier and products of other brands?
  • Super8 Air Purifier does not rely on the air to actually pass through the machine to be cleaned.
  • Eliminate microorganisms on contact in the air.
  • More than 40 Chainstores for convenient customer support and service.


  • 它不在网中过滤,而在空气中杀菌
  • 直接在空气中杀菌,有效防止病毒,病菌的传播
  • 直接在空气中消除异味,烟雾,减低电气所产生的辐射


How to know that Super8 Air Purifier is functioning?
  • If you place your ear close to the front, a soft hissing sound can be heard.
  • You will smell a subtle, fresh, "grass" scent.
  • You will notice improvement in the air quality and the odor is gradually eliminated. 


  • 能嗅到一股类似“草鲜味”
  • 突然感受到空气特别的清新
  • 异味渐渐消失

Why do some people experience the "grass fragrance", "burning smell", "fishy taste" and other types of smell?

This is due to the trace ozone (≤0.05ppm) when Super8 Air Purifier is functioning. The smell is not harmful and the situation will improve after a few days.



How much electricity will Super8 Air Purifier consume?

Super8 Air Purifiers are products of excellent energy saving design. For example, Super Life consumes only RM0.94 electricity per month.


Super8空气净化器是采用超省电原设计的产品。如Super Life即使24小时不停操作,每月只需区区RM0.94的电费。

What is the lifespan for Super8 Air Purifiers?

Super8 Air Purifiers are lasting and durable, especially Super Life, Super Light and Super Drive. They are designed and manufactured without moving parts and filters. Besides, Super8 products are backed by 12 months warranty and 2nd year accessories warranty. (Please refer to the terms and conditions on the warranty card.)


Super8空气净化器持久耐用。尤其Super Life,Super Light, Super Drive都是以无马达(Motor)和过滤网(Filter)的设计,而且都备有1年的*保证期及2年的零件保用期。

Are Super8 Air Purifiers safe for use?

Super8 Air Purifiers are manufactured according to and conform with international testing standards to ensure safety and quality.




Will the accessories of Super8 Air Purifiers be obsolete?

Definitely not. The accessories are manufactured according to market requirements and are exported to European and American markets.



Will there be any side-effects if we stop using Super8 Air Purifiers?

No, but the indoor air quality will be affected.



How to choose a suitable Super8 Air Purifier model?

There are ten models available, be it standing or hanging type and each model have unique features (please refer to our product catalogue). The usage is dependent on individual needs. Please consult our Chainstore agents or Customer Service Hotline: 603-7982 0293.


Super8空气净化器产品备有十种以上的款式提供选择,即有站立式和吊挂式,每种款式的覆盖范围于操作各有不同(请参阅产品资料)。这也要视个人的需求而定,请咨询我们的代理商或客户服务热线 : 603-7982 0293

What about after sales service?

We have excellent after sales service. If you require assistance or encounter any problem with Super8 products, please consult our Chainstore agents or Customer Service Hotline: 603- 7982 0293.


当然,如您对Super8的产品有任何疑问请联络我们的代理商或客户服务热线:603- 7982 0293.

What is ozone (O3)?

xygen (O2) molecule is made up of two atoms. Ozone (O3) a highly active molecule, is formed by the action of an electrical discharge or ultra-violet light on oxygen. Ozone (O3) disperses very easily. Once in contact with bacteria, virus, mold or other pollutants, one of the ozone atom splits off to oxidize the pollutant, leaving behind breathable oxygen. The presence of ozone in the atmosphere shields us from harmful ultraviolet rays and naturally purifies the air. After a thunderstorm, the air smells fresh. Clothing dried in the sun normally have delicate clean fragrance. This is the natural cleaning effect of O3.



Is ozone (O3) affecting human's health?

Minor quantity of ozone is not harmful to our health. Our surrounding ozone concentration is only 0.02~0.12ppm. The concentration emitted by Super8 Air Purifier is ≤0.05ppm, conforms to the safety requirement set by WHO. In fact, ozone has been widely used in most technologies such as manufacturing, medical and home electrical appliances, etc.



What is HEPA?

HEPA stands for "High Efficiency Particulate Arresting" or "High Efficiency Particulate Air". HEPA filters can remove at least 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 micrometers in diameter, to improve indoor air quality and reduce your exposure to irritants and allergens.


HEPA是High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing的缩写,HEPA由非常细小的有机纤维交织而成,对微粒的捕抓能力强,孔径微小,吸附容量大,净化效率高,针对0.3微米的粒子净化率为99.97%。

Can the viruses trapped in the HEPA filter system escape back to the air?

No. Viruses are dependent on living cells and need plenty of water and nutrition to reproduce. Dehydration occurs when air current is flowing through the filter system and most harmful viruses are destroyed. HEPA filter has been widely used in ICU of hospitals to prevent the transmission of micro particles through air. But with long term usage and under heavy pollution, HEPA filter should be checked and replaced as needed.



Why are there stainless steel needles in Super Plasma, Super Life, Super Drive and Super Light?

The stainless steel needles generate a high concentration of negative ions.

为什么Super Plasma,Super Life,Super Drive,Super Light内设有钢针?


What is the function of the steel plates in the Super Life, Super Plasma and Super Light models?

The stainless steel plates are electrostatic precipitators to collect particles down to a diameter of 0.01 micron. 

Super Life,Super Plasma和Super Light Set内附的钢铁板有何作用?


What is the function of germicidal photocatalysis system of Super Plasma, Super Tech and Super Hepa?

Germicidal photocatalysis system eliminates concentrations of organic contaminants from gaseous effluents by converting them to safe substances such as water vapor or carbon dioxide. These models with GPS removes musty odors, pet dander, viruses, bacteria, mold and other airborne pathogens.

Super Plasma,Super Tech和Super Hepa内设光触媒(Germicidal Photocatalysis System),其功能是什么?


How to determine when to change the filters for Super Tech and Super Hepa?

Normally the life-span of the filter is 12 months, depending on the location and indoor air quality. You need to change, if the filter appears to be:

  • yellowish or greyish
  • softened or
  • if slightly polluted, can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner.

如何观察Super Tech和Super Hepa是时候更换过滤网了?


  • 黄褐色货黑色就须立刻更换
  • 过滤网有软化的迹象即须更换
  • 轻度的污染,可使用吸尘机,除尘后从新使用

How long is the warranty period for Super8 product?

Super8 granted one years product warranty except damage, failure or malfunction due to external cause, unauthorised modification and/or installation not in accordance with product instruction.


Does Super8 give any warranty to those products purchased from internet sources?

Super8 does not give any warranty to those products purchased from unauthorised internet sources and/or below our list price. Any enquiry relates to the internet purchase, please call our HQ hotline : 603-7982 0293 for clarification.


如果产品不是在我们Super8所指定的互联网上购买,或产品价格过低,Super8将一律不会给与保证,任何有关互联网购物,请联络Super8热线 : 603-7982 0293 

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