SUPER8 AIR PURIFIER - Today's essential choice for refreshing quality clean air
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Will Super8 Air Purifier improve sleeping quality?

Yes, recommended for those who suffer from long term insomnia, staying up late nights and excessive drinking. The negative ions dispensed from Super8 Air Purifiers stimulate blood circulation and promotes better sleep.



Is Super8 Air Purifier effective to nose sensitivity?

Nose sensitivity refers to oversensitive rhinitis and is due to viruses, bacteria or airborne pollutants. It is important that exposure to these irritants is limited. Cleaner air and negative ions will improve the respiratory system.

Super8 空气净化器对鼻敏感问题有效吗?


Why do some people feel dryness in the mouth after using Super8 Air Purifiers?

This reaction is normal for some initial stage users as we have been used to living in conditions lacking of fresh oxygen. When using Super8 Air Purifiers, the large volume of negative ions emitted helps to stimulate blood circulation, therefore, our body needs to replenish a lot of water to help discharge the toxins.



Why do some people feel skin sensitive after using Super8 Air Purifiers?

Some people who have skin problems may feel the reaction. This is due to the disinfecting effect of negative ionization. Therefore, certain people will feel discomfort during the initial stage.



Can an asthma patient use Super8 Air Purifier? Will it worsen the sickness?

No problem, the cleaner air environment will reduce the recurrence of the sickness and asthma symptoms can be greatly minimized. (Note: Always seek the advice of your doctor regarding a medical condition.)



How to ensure and maintain optimum performance of Super8 Air Purifiers?

Proper care and cleaning of the air purifier is important. Turn the unit off, pull out the stainless steel dust collector carefully and clean off the dirt once every two months.



What is the difference between Super8 Air Purifier and products of other brands?
  • Super8 Air Purifier does not rely on the air to actually pass through the machine to be cleaned.
  • Eliminate microorganisms on contact in the air.
  • More than 40 Chainstores for convenient customer support and service.


  • 它不在网中过滤,而在空气中杀菌
  • 直接在空气中杀菌,有效防止病毒,病菌的传播
  • 直接在空气中消除异味,烟雾,减低电气所产生的辐射


How to know that Super8 Air Purifier is functioning?
  • If you place your ear close to the front, a soft hissing sound can be heard.
  • You will smell a subtle, fresh, "grass" scent.
  • You will notice improvement in the air quality and the odor is gradually eliminated. 


  • 能嗅到一股类似“草鲜味”
  • 突然感受到空气特别的清新
  • 异味渐渐消失

Why do some people experience the "grass fragrance", "burning smell", "fishy taste" and other types of smell?

This is due to the trace ozone (≤0.05ppm) when Super8 Air Purifier is functioning. The smell is not harmful and the situation will improve after a few days.



How much electricity will Super8 Air Purifier consume?

Super8 Air Purifiers are products of excellent energy saving design. For example, Super Life consumes only RM0.94 electricity per month.


Super8空气净化器是采用超省电原设计的产品。如Super Life即使24小时不停操作,每月只需区区RM0.94的电费。